Uber Eats dealer admits ‘ragu’ was cocaine


A FLASHY Queensland restaurateur has admitted he trafficked cocaine from his well-known restaurant including by using Uber Eats bags and organising for buyers to pick up ­drugs from his chef.

Daniel Milos. Picture: Steve Pohlner

Daniel Milos. Picture: Steve Pohlner

Daniel Bernard Milos, 43, formerly of Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane’s west, has pleaded guilty to 13 charges including ten counts of cocaine supply in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

His plea comes three years after Milos and his lawyer both claimed he would “vigorously” fight the allegations, following his arrest at the end of a 14-month undercover sting by Queensland police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission which fights serious organised crime.

Police described it as one of the state’s largest cocaine investigations and said phone taps, surveillance and controlled buys showed Milos was trafficking cocaine in Brisbane through his Sherwood Rd restaurant.

Phone taps identified Milos as directing customers to his restaurant to collect drugs.

Milos has pleaded guilty to charges of supplying $128,000 worth of cocaine to a “law enforcement participant” in eight controlled buys in February, March and April 2017.

He admits he sold $40,000 worth of cocaine in a single deal on March 9, 2017.

Ryan Mciver. Picture: Steve Pohlner

Ryan Mciver. Picture: Steve Pohlner

He has also pleaded guilty to a supply charge related to telling Ryan McIver, then head chef at Milos’ restaurant Mariosarti in Toowong, to supply a customer with a “full feed of ragu”, code for cocaine, at the restaurant on October 1, 2016.

McIver has already been sentenced to two years behind bars, suspended after three months.

Milos has also admitted trafficking in cocaine from his restaurant between February 1, 2017 and April 22, 2017, and he pleaded guilty to occupying or managing a criminal location between July 21, 2016 and April 22, 2017

He has also pleaded guilty to a charge of drug possession.

Police found 138g of cocaine in his car when he was arrested and a further 201g in his laundry room cupboard.

Daniel Milos with one of his luxury cars.

Daniel Milos with one of his luxury cars.


Milos served time in prison in 2000 for dealing heroin.

His younger brother and business partner Peter was bludgeoned to death in Brisbane in 2014.

Code words for buying drugs from Milos at the restaurant were “full feed, half feed, ragout or ragu and “table of eight”.

Police phone taps capture Milos telling a customer he can try to send “five women” over to a Brisbane man’s house by giving him a phone number for Lea Toumpas, the wife of Bandidos boss Anthony, to organise five strippers.


Daniel Milos inside his former restaurant Mariosarti.

Daniel Milos inside his former restaurant Mariosarti.


Milos used to live a flashy life with five Mercedes, watches worth $50,000 and several houses and apartments around Brisbane however after his arrest, Milos sold several assets including Mariosarti.

But after the restaurant went bust under a new operator Milos returned to the same site trading as Barolos and he is now selling takeaway pizza and pasta under the new coronavirus trading restrictions.

Milos is due in court for sentencing on May 6.

Originally published as Uber Eats dealer admits ‘ragu’ was cocaine

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