Coronavirus: Uber Eat’s most popular takeout orders in the U.S.

For Uber Eats, orders in the U.S. and Canada have increased by 30% since mid-March — around the time the novel coronavirus was declared a national emergency, Fox News reports.

Here’s a rundown of some of Uber Eat’s most popular takeout dishes by state, according to Fox News.

  • Overall, the most popular order is french fries. Fries hold the No. 1 spot in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington (Utah and Colorado enjoy carne asada fries).
  • Pad Thai was a favorite in Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas.
  • Pennsylvania’s favorite food item was — you guessed it — cheesesteak.
  • Crab rangoon was popular in Missouri and Wisconsin.
  • Hispanic food was popular: Massachusetts favored the burrito, Montana the enchilada, North Carolina went for nachos and Louisiana enjoyed the chips and queso combo.
  • Some unique orders: California’s favorite takeout order was chicken tikka masala; the BBQ mixed plate was most popular in Hawaii; Iowa has a soft spot for poké; Oklahoma is a big fan of sushi and Maine favors a good cheesy pazzo bread.

Visit here for the full list.

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